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Godfrey Street Community House child care is registered with the Department of Education & Training Service Provider number SE-40014479. Programming is based on all areas of early childhood development, and the Early Years Learning Framework.

The centre is fully equipped with educational resources and outdoor equipment and is updated at regular intervals.

Children are monitored and observed in regards to their developmental growth, and programs are based on child interest, learning and a play based curriculum.

Childcare can be used for respite care; appointments; studying; shopping; socialisation for child and family as well as leisure pursuits. Come and visit our child care and talk to the staff about your child and their needs

The program:

  • A supportive environment with caring qualified staff
  • A high quality program relating to individual needs and developmental learning
  • Each child’s personal cultural experiences are included into the educational program.
  • Excellent shaded outdoor play area
  • Indoor and outdoor playtime
  • Music and story time
  • 5 hour sessions
  • Open door policy for parents to take part in the program or observe
  • Public Holidays and Term Dates are in accordance with the Department of Education
  • An annual Community House Membership fee is payable Jan-Dec of each year
  • No smoking anywhere in the building or the children’s playground
  • No nuts policy

Enrolment Procedure:

  • Children are unable to attend prior to their 2nd birthday
  • To enroll you will need to complete an enrolment form and pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm your position
  • Deposits will be deducted from term fees
  • Term 1 fees for the on-coming year are payable by 1st week in December
  • Fees for term 2, 3 & 4 will be invoiced 2 weeks prior to end of term and payable 1st week of the following term
  • No refund is forthcoming if an enrolment is cancelled after a term has commenced


  • Year round waiting list applies
  • October – letters of confirmation in childcare for on-coming year posted.
  • Payment of term 1 fees are required for the on-coming year at enrolment day on a day/date to be decided during 1st week in December
  • A child’s position will be made vacant if not confirmed by the end date on the letter of offer

Waiting List:

  • A waiting list will be maintained for each session of childcare when all places have been filled. When a vacancy arises the criteria of acceptance will be in accordance with your personal requests for days or care and availability.